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Real Estate Broker Assistant – Cindy Tassot

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Cindy Tassot
Real Estate Broker Assistant

About Cindy Tassot

Real Estate Broker Assistant

Having started her career in accounting, Cindy decided to pursue a career in real estate and enrolled in the Academy of Residential Real Estate Entrepreneurship. Her first step was to refine her knowledge by taking on new projects. Now that she has acquired this experience, she uses it to help sellers and buyers, both in the new and resale markets.

Her first attraction to brokerage was the prospect of taking on new challenges. Real estate’s constant learning motivates her every day. Most importantly, it’s the relationship with the customers that confirms her decision. Dedicated, Cindy takes each project to heart. She acts with complete transparency and with her, customers are assured of getting the facts straight. Driven by her dynamism and guided by her instincts, she never loses sight of her objective: to deliver unparalleled service.

It’s no coincidence that in 2019 the RE/MAX du Cartier agency approached her to join the YE/Sarrazin team. As soon as she joined, she felt that she was part of a big family, where everyone shares her values of integrity and determination.

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